David Ronin

Tattoo Artist – Longmont
I've been tattooing for 16 years professionally.  Tattoo styles I am most commonly known for are Japanese Irezumi, Traditional Americana, Neo-Traditional, Chicano style black n grey, Newskool Colorbomb, and realistic imagery.  When asked what I specialize in, I like to tell people clean tattoos.  Because in the end I love having a job doing sharp and well composed tattoos. I've been creating art since I can remember.  My mixed medium experience includes oil painting, watercolor painting, graphic art illustration, graphite and charcoal drawing with a little bit of experience with aerosol painting/airbrush.  I look forward to creating a custom piece of art for you.  

David is super great!
Rose 6 David C
Rose 5 David C
Rose 4 David C
Rose 3 David C
Rose 2 David C
Rose 1 David C
Reaper 1 David C
Mounatin 1 David C
Mandala 1 David C
Koi Daivd C
Ilustration 3 David C
Ilustration 2 David C
Illustration 1 David C
Heart 2 David C
Heart 1 David C
Guitar David C
Foot David C
Flowers 2 David C
Flowers 1 David C
Flower 3 David C
Eagle 1 David C
Dragon 1 David C
Demon 2 David C
Demon 1 David C
Cross 1 David C
Coffin David C
Cherub 1 David C
Butterfly 1 David C
Budhha 1 David C
Bird 1 David C


1309 E College Ave
Boulder, CO 80302


1716 Main St
Longmont, CO, 80501


7735 W 92nd Ave
Westminster, CO, 80021


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