Tribal Rites is Going to the APP Las Vegas Convention

For those who don't know, APP stands for Association of Professional Piercers.  You can find them here:


Tribal Rites has been taking piercers to the annual convention  in Las Vegas since the mid 90's.  The APP has been a great advocate for our industry and a leader in education for professionals and clients.  Piercers from all over the world go to the convention to take classes, sit in on round table discussions, and rub elbows with other people in the piercing industry.

Vegas 1

Of course, Vegas always presents itself with fun and interesting opportunities.  However, our primary purpose in going to this convention is to continue our education so we can better serve our clientele.   We learn about new techniques, safety, and other worthy piercing topics.  Going to the convention also means that Tribal Rites will be under staffed during the convention which lasts form June 7th -12th.  We will have a piercer at our Boulder location during all these days, but please call ahead to the Westminster, and Longmont shops before heading down as there may not be a piercer on duty.  We will be advertising discounts on our Facebook pages and Google+ pages for piercing customers during the convention.

Today is November 20, 2018
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