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Tattoos are Losing Their Taboo

Anyone in the tattoo and piercing industry can tell you this truth.  Here is a small piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette that discusses the less taboo nature of tattoos and piercings and how they relate to the work place.  Of course, the question is whether or not that is good for the industry.  So far […]

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Art for Art's Sake

I was reminded recently about something I always found a little odd.    The American Culture is always at odds with itself when it comes to our culture.  We often think that we are cultureless, and that we are just an amalgam of other cultures from which we incorporated our thoughts and ideals.  I tend […]

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Paramedical Tattooing

I wish they had showed some real before and afters in the Upworthy news piece. This is and Interesting field, paramedical tattooing.  You can look up her clinic to see before and afters.  Some are very good.  Although, as with most things like this outcomes seem to be somewhat limited, or different from person to […]

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