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Andrew Hewitt

Tattoo Artist – Boulder
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Andrew loves to do tattoos. Sounds obvious right? Except Andrew loves doing them all. Some artists like a single style or stick to large projects, but Andrew wants to do all the tattoos. Big, small, color, black and white, new school, old school, all of it. His style is punctuated by his obsession for the super clean lines. Just check out his work to see for yourself. He makes himself available to walk ins as much as possible. Come on down and enjoy Andrew's company that is as good as his art.

I was tattooed by David Ronin. He is an amazing artist and I absolutely love my tattoo. I gave him the idea I wanted and he turned it into what I was really looking for he knew what I needed and did it. I would definitely go back and get another tattoo from him for sure.

Got a beautiful sunflower tattoo by Andrew and couldn’t be happier. Great artist and was flexible with what I wanted. Definitely going to come back for my next!


1309 E College Ave
Boulder, CO 80302


1716 Main St
Longmont, CO, 80501


7735 W 92nd Ave
Westminster, CO, 80021


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