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Christian Buitrago

Tattoo Artist – Longmont
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Christian comes all the way from the East Coast with 12 years of tattoo experience.  Christian was born in Colombia and is a native Spanish speaker.  He prefers and excels at black and grey and fine line tattoos.  He likes working with classical symbolism and creating unique art for each customer.  He is most comfortable working in large format, but he will do the little stuff as well.  Come in and chat with Christian today.  You will enjoy his easy going demeanor and smooth voice.  
Christian did an outstanding job on my tattoo, can't wait to get more from him. Far from my first tattoo but one of the most meaningful as it is in memory of my grandma, Christian really knocked it out of the park and I get daily compliments on it.
Christian did my work. Turned out perfect. I had a very good experience and enjoyed the friendly environment.
Awesome first time experience at Tribal Rites Longmont. Christian did a phenomenal job with my tattoo. Amazing design, amazing artistic work. Chatted with me the entire time to help me get though the 5 hr session. Would definitely go back.

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