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David Ronin

Tattoo Artist – Westminster
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I've been tattooing for 20 years professionally.  Tattoo styles I am most commonly known for are Japanese Irezumi, Traditional Americana, Neo-Traditional, Chicano style black n grey, Newskool Colorbomb, and realistic imagery.  When asked what I specialize in, I like to tell people clean tattoos.  Because in the end I love having a job doing sharp and well composed tattoos. I've been creating art since I can remember.  My mixed medium experience includes oil painting, watercolor painting, graphic art illustration, graphite and charcoal drawing with a little bit of experience with aerosol painting/airbrush.  I look forward to creating a custom piece of art for you.  

I was tattooed by David Ronin. He is an amazing artist and I absolutely love my tattoo. I gave him the idea I wanted and he turned it into what I was really looking for he knew what I needed and did it. I would definitely go back and get another tattoo from him for sure.

I have been tattooed by several artist, David is by far the best I have ever had. David is creative, caring, and put everything he has into his work! I Continuously get compliments on all the tattoos he's done. I have referred almost all family members to him and all are just as happy with his work as I am. I met him at another tattoo shop, and have followed him to Tribal Rites. I will not let anyone but David tattoo me in the future.

David is an amazing artist! Started going to him at another shop and will travel to him to get more

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    1309 E College Ave
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    1716 Main St
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    7735 W 92nd Ave
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