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Welcome to Tribal Rites online booking system.

In order to further enforce the 10 person limit we are no longer allowing people not getting procedures to wait in shop.  We do still allow the exception for minors.  One parent must stay with the minor during procedures.  Thank you, for helping us keep us and you safe.

We will still be accepting walk ins, but be aware that due to distancing rules you may be asked to schedule an appointment.  We will not be allowing customers to wait in the store because we have to limit the number of customers in studio.   People with pre-paid appointments will always be given priority.

Please choose the correct booking calendar from the choices below.

Piercing Appointments

Please read everything below before booking (Updated 5/13/20). 

You must ask us to move an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.  No shows are non-refundable.  You will have to buy another time slot.

Please see the list of piercing types below to choose the correct piercing appointment.  If you do not see your service listed please give us a call or send us an email.

Piercer's schedule may change without notice, and you may be pierced by a staff member that you did not make the appointment with.  If you NEED to be placed with a specific piercer, please check the box that indicates "Preferred Piercer."  We will contact you to move your appointment if your preferred piercer is unavailable on your appointment day.

Time slots are for 1 person.  If you have a friend coming with you they need to book their own time slot.

A valid ID is required for all procedures. If you show up without an ID you will not get a refund for your deposit.

Adults are required to have a government issued photo ID. Minors must have a photo ID that matches the parent's ID. (Name and address) OR a school ID accompanied with an original Birth Certificate. 

An original Birth Certificate is required for all minor children getting ear lobe piercings. 

Other options may be acceptable, but must be approved prior to your appointment. Please call if you have questions regarding proper identification.

Piercing appointment deposits, are just that. A deposit.  It DOES NOT include the full price of the procedure or jewelry.  There will be an additional amount due for the service cost and jewelry. The deposit will be subtracted at the time of full payment for the service.

If you have any questions before booking, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acceptable ages for piercings are as follows...

  • Nose 13+
  • Septum 16+
  • Any Oral Piercings 16+
  • Navel Piercing 16+
  • Outer Ear Piercings 13+
  • Inner Ear Piercings 16+
  • Industrial Piercing 18+
  • Nipples & Genitals 18+
  • Dermals & Surface 18+
  • Eyebrow & Bridge 16+
  • Earlobes Most ages accepted, based on location. All with proper ID

Tattoo Appointments and Consultations

IMPORTANT: All consultations and appointments are handled by Tribal Rites staff.  We prefer you call before coming in, or you may contact any one of our artists through their social media accounts.  Our artists Instagram are listed on their pages.  If you decide to walk in please follow our mitigation rules, and understand that you may not get an appointment that day.  We will make every effort for an artist to talk with you.  

Consultations do not guarantee a tattoo appointment that day.  All tattoos require a consultation before booking a tattoo.  All tattoo appointments require a minimum $60 deposit to hold the your appointment.   If possible, we will set up an online video consultation.  You and the artist can discuss the parameters of your tattoo before you ever have to come in.  If both parties determine the scope of the project requires a face to face consultation, then we will accommodate that as well.

If our scheduler is not working, please call your local shop to schedule an appointment.

Please choose the correct piercing booker below for your appointment.

If you do not see your piercing listed please call us before making an appointment.  We can, most likely, accommodate you.

Standard Piercing Booker

Ear Lobes and Single Lobe Booker

Non-Standard Piercing Booker

Jewelry Insertion and Changes Booker


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