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Tribal Rites Tattoo and Piercing – Boulder, Colorado

The Tribal Rites Boulder location resides right next to the West end of the University of Colorado at 13th and College Ave. in the heart of what is known as the Hill District or “On The Hill.” The Boulder shop is our oldest location. We are a regular stop for students, locals, and worldly travelers visiting Boulder and Colorado, and we do thousands of piercings each year headed up by our very talented Jason Condon.

This location has our largest selection of body jewelry, and the largest selection of organics including many different gauges of horn, bone and wood in a variety of styles. We also offer all manner of tattoos anchored by our of our long term artist Amanda Sharpless (5+years with Tribal Rites Boulder) and the Tommy Sisneros.  

Because this is a very busy shop with limited space we do not allow minors in the shop unless they are getting a procedure and accompanied by an adult. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Important! Before you visit our store click here to read our store, age restriction and identification policies.

1309 College Ave
Boulder, CO 80302


Andrew Hewitt

Tattoo Artist – Boulder

Jason Condon

Piercing Artist – Boulder 
I took my daughter into Tribal to have her ears re-pierced, as they had grown over and we could no longer get her earrings in. The staff were very sweet and explained everything to us. She was a bit nervous at first but they did a great job making her comfortable. In the end she only needed her ears to be re-stretched and it only cost about $10. We had a great experience all around, I would definitely recommend. Thanks guys!


1309 E College Ave
Boulder, CO 80302


1716 Main St
Longmont, CO, 80501


7735 W 92nd Ave
Westminster, CO, 80021


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