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House OKs bill to ban tattooing minors (Utah)

Utah has been working on this bill for some time now.  Colorado has no such law.  However, most reputable tattoo studios have a very conservative policy about tattooing minors.  Tribal Rites allows its tattooists to have discretion in this area.  Most of our tattooists will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.  However, on occasion, if the tattoo is discreet and the tattoo has some special meaning, such as a memorial, then we have allowed tattooing down to the age of 16.  Although, that is far and few between.  My libertarian side of me always errs on the side of no government involvement in choices of how we and our family choose to treat our bodies.  Without getting too political, I think,  there are situations where state governance is necessary.  Personally, I think this bill does find some middle ground.  I think it is irresponsible for parents to even think of tattooing young children.  In the 22 years that Tribal Rites has been operating we have never tattooed someone as young as 14 (age minimum per Utah bill).  as far as I can remember 16 was always the cutoff, and to reiterate, those instances were extremely special.  All parties involved had long consultations and were fully informed about all possible problems associated with tattooing minors both physical and social.   So what do you do think about Utah's bill?  Is it okay, or should government not be in the business of telling us what to do with our bodies?


House OKs bill to ban tattooing minors



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