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Jewelry Sizing and Measurement

When purchasing jewelry refer to this page on how to determine the proper size of jewelry.  We want our customers to buy with confidence.  Please be aware of our return policy.   Sizes and weight may be listed in Metric (mm, grams) or Imperial (inches, oz).


Barbell Measurements

Ring Measurements

Nostril Screws

When ordering nostril screws be sure to include the stem length (standard or inches) and left or right side.  We custom bend all of our nostril screws.  If you do not specify we will send the screw out straight.

Plugs and Eyelets

Ear Hanging Designs


Ends may have threads or pins.  Be sure to order ends that match the barbell type to the end type.


  • Gauge refers to the thickness of jewelry. We use U.S. standard wire gauge.
  • Common sizes for piercing are 18, 16, and 14 gauge
  • We carry jewelry from 20 gauge up through 2 inches and sometimes larger.
  • Lower numbers refer to thicker gauges
  • When buying jewelry to stretch, we suggest only buying the next available gauge down. For safety and proper sizing, we suggest you only stretch by going to your friendly neighborhood piercing establishment.
  • Do not stretch piercings with organics or acrylic.
  • If you buy from Tribal Rites we will insert or stretch piercings for free. Just bring your receipt and jewelry with you to one of our Colorado locations.

Below is a conversion chart for your convenience.


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