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Massive New Line of Organics Body Jewelry at Tribal Rites

Tribal Rites Safe Products-45

6 Gauge Mammoth


Our long standing relationship with our organic jewelry distributor, Safe Products, has just had a huge infusion of new jewelry.  Timothy Hawksworth is the owner of Safe products.  He is a good friend and has been supplying Tribal Rites with amazing organics for over 15 years.  Their website can be found here:

Safe products has been a leader in the organic body jewelry industry for many years.  They make innovative products that are often copied, but never matched.  Tim revamps his jewelry line every couple of years, and this time was a doozy.

Tribal Rites Safe Products-52

7mm Saba Wood


You can see some examples by going to our organics jewelry page here:

Featured materials in this line is some amazing brass, copper, silver, sabo wood, nangka wood, arong wood, deer horn, mammoth, walrus jaw bone, lots of stone and others.  We have plugs and hanging styles from 18 guage to 1 ¾ inch.  The thin 18 guage means many styles are open to men and women who want to wear something more exotic, but do not want stretch their piercings.

Remember, that a lot of these organics are run off the line one time, and they will never appear again.   Get them now or you may never get a chance to wear these beautifully crafted pieces of body art.

Tribal Rites Safe Products-64

18 Gauge Brass


Tribal Rites has the largest selection of body jewelry in Colorado.  We carry organics from many other companies including Tawapa, Modifika, Evolve, Oracle, Maya, and even a small amount from a local artist Josh Hensley.  If you are looking for organics or other body jewelry Tribal Rites is the place to find that special piece of jewelry you have always wanted.   We also stretch and insert jewelry for free when you buy jewelry from us.  If we don’t have the perfect style in stock we special order as well.  Come in today and our friendly staff will help you find the perfect pair of stone, brass, or wood ear plugs you have long desired.


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