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Tattoo Cover Ups: When do you need Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo Cover Up or Laser Tattoo Removal or Both?

Tribal Rites' tattoo artists are some of the best around.  It is amazing what they can do to cover up some unwanted ink. But maybe your existing tattoo is too big, too dark, or too complex for a standard cover up.  That is when laser tattoo removal is needed.  Fortunately, Tribal Rites has teamed up with the experts at ReGen Laser to help you out. 
Amanda Sharpless

Amanda Sharpless Boulder Tattoo Artist

Eagle Cover Up

Cover up by Nathaniel Smalley

Cover ups always need to be bigger and darker to effectively cover your old tattoo.  Often a Tribal Rites' artist can skillfully place a new tattoo so that the old tattoo doesn't appear to exist, but if you do not want to go bigger or darker you have an option:  Laser tattoo removal

Kanji Before

Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Kanji After 4

After 4 Sessions

Just a Little Lightening!

Laser tattoo removal is a super effective tool to help the tattoo artist more easily cover an existing tattoo.  You could do as little as 2-4 laser tattoo removal sessions to lighten the tattoo enough for the tattoo artist to be more creative with the new tattoo design rather than worry about going bigger an darker.

Cash For Your Cover Up!

ReGen Laser will give you 10% off any money you spend on your tattoo removal towards your Tribal Rites' cover up.

10% Towards Your New Tattoo

We know that spending the extra time and money on laser tattoo removal might be a difficult decision, but ReGen Laser helps by giving something back.  For every dollar you spend on your removal ReGen Laser will give you 10 cents to spend on your new tattoo.  You can't beat that!

10% Image

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Start down the path of tattoo revival by booking your consultation today.  ReGen Laser offers session packages to help you save even more.



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