Tattoos have been around since the dawn of man. The first recorded tattoos were on a man found in the Ötzal Alps in 1991. He was name Ötzi or sometimes referred to as the Iceman. He is believed to have lived around 3300 BC. His tattoos were simple dots and lines believed to be used for medical purposes.

Contemporary tattoos have taken on a life of there own. In modern society tattoos are done for many reasons. Sometimes it is to mark a moment in our lives, or as a memorial to a lost friend or relative, or sometimes it is just for the sake of having a new piece of art on our body.
Whatever your reason Tribal Rites has some of the best artists around. We are full custom professional shops. That means all of our artists can create a unique piece just for you. bring in an idea, or sit down with an artist and have an artist create a design that you will love for a lifetime. Because each tattoo is unique it is very difficult for us to give quotes over the phone. We suggest that you come in for a consultation to figure out the details of your tattoo.

We also require cash deposits for drawing for tattoos and/or setting appointments. These deposits go towards the price of your tattoo, and are only forfeit if you do not show up for your appointment. You may always re-schedule if there is a conflict. And remember a tattoo is really forever. Take your time to find the right artist for you, and understand that you get what you pay for. Our top tier artists may be a bit more expensive, but they are more than worth it.
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Christian Buitrago

Tattoo Artist – Longmont

Jared Orland

Tattoo Artist – Westminster

Nate Fritzen

Tattoo Artist – Longmont

Nathaniel Smalley

Tattoo Artist - Westminster

Jesse Wilson

Tattoo Artist – Longmont

David Ronin

Tattoo Artist – Boulder

Shawn Featherstone

Tattoo Artist – Westmisnter

Andrew Hewitt

Tattoo Artist – Boulder

Frank Simanton

Tattoo Artist – Boulder
Lady All Frank S
Lion Frank S
Lotus Frank S
Firefly Frank S
Rebel Scum Frank S
Mandala MM
Valkyrie MM
Ganesha MM
Maori Turtle
Madball Cyclops
Scary Face 1
Owl 1
Lepoard 1
Biker 1
Heart 1
Phoenix 1
Lady Head
Roses Triangle
Healed Ship
Storm Trooper
Tree Sillouette


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Boulder, CO 80302


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