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The Ultimate Guide to Piercings and Body Jewelry

Thank you, to our Danish friends at for providing this piercing infographic.  We can't say it is absolutely complete, but it is a great reference.  Use the link in their intro below to see the full article.  Enjoy!

Ever since the dawn of time, people have been piercing their bodies. There are many reasons why this is done. A large part of it depends on your culture and traditions. For example, it is customary in many parts of South East Asia for women to have their nostrils and ears pierced at a young age. This is not done as a mark of expression, but rather as one of unity.

There are many other reasons why people get pierced too. Teenagers and young adults do it mostly because it is the current fashion. It can be done as a form of expression, as an art form, and to denote sexuality and orientation. Below is a graphic to the parts of the body that people most often pierce. Their names, locations and pain levels as well as recovery times are shown as well. See the full article here:

Piercing Infogrpahic


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